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Niki Lasher (a.k.a. Nubianne Kthulah Black)
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Modern Traditional Information and online community for modern people who dress and/or live a traditional/tribal style.
PlusWomen.net Also BBWomen.net with news, articles, personals, and forums for BBW's and those who love them. New!!!
Cornrows.co.uk How to guides and community for people into braiding and natural hairstyling.
Sextraining.org A respectful and informative site on human sexuality.  Easy to learn techniques for better sex, articles, information, and forums.
Free Recipe Club Share and trade recipes totally free.  No weird mlm tactics or recruiting, and nothing to pay.  A safe space for the love of cooking.
Israel Artists Artists of all faiths and ethnicities who reside in Israel.  Its purpose is to give a more real view of the country and the artists within it.
StudyItOnline.com Community, advice, mini-courses, tips, and course building guide for online instructors and students.
SoulMindBody.net For spiritual counselors, healing facilitators, and psychospiritual therapists.  Discussion and education in a variety of topics in the fields.
Updates:  My blog has been fixed and is now viewable in IE.  There was a bug in the "clean" layout, so I switched to Classic.  To prevent problems, don't set the theme to clean or gameserver because there's a case sensitivity issue.

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"My equals seldom fire to fear my scorn
And prey, the brilliant pattern cannot warn."
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